Climate Career Evening

Invited speakers from the public and private sectors spoke about their career from the Graduate School of Climate Sciences to their current position. The event was an opportunity for climate science students to broaden their horizons on career options and get insights on how they can contribute to society as climate scientists.

The event was jointly organized by the Climate Science Student Council and the Oeschger Centre.

Flyer and Pre-recording



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 Jacqui Fenwick
 Baringa Partners


 17:00 CSSC Board

Session 1

 17:05 Marcel Küttel
Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich
 17:20 Isabelle Vieli WWF Schweiz
 17:35 Johannes Schindler Grolimund und Partner / mountain guide

Session 2

 18:00 Marius Schneider
south pole
 18:20 Päivi Rinta
Federal Office for the Environment
 18:35 Greg King
University of Alberta

Session 3

 19:00 Lorenzo di Marco Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana
 19:15 Carole Adolf Natural England
 19:30 Dario Stocker
die Mobiliar

Table talks

 19:45 Breakout rooms with speakers


  20:15 CSSC Board / OCCR