General information

Venue and Location

University of Bern, Institute of Geography, Hallerstrasse 12, 3012 Bern

Accommodation in Bern

Bern Tourism Website

Bern Youth Hostel

Hotel Glocke, Backpackers Bern

Public transport in Bern

Inside of Bern (Libero zones 101-102) you pay 4.60 CHF for a one-way ticket with tram or bus. You can purchase a 6-way ticked for 25.00 CHF. Rental bicycles are available from

Arrival by plane

Bern has its own airport (Belp). Direct trains to Bern run from the airports of Geneva and Zurich. Form Basel airport, there is a bus service to Basel main station and direct trains to Bern from there.

Costs in general

Switzerland is rather a high-cost country. Warm meals at the students cafeterias range from 6.60 CHF to 12.60 CHF for students. Expect to spend 20-30CHF a day on food.


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