Digital Archaeology

Quantitative approaches, spatial statistics and socioecological modelling

International Colloquium on Digital Archaeology in Bern

4th - 6th February 2019, University of Bern, Switzerland

Organizing Committee: Maria Elena Castiello, Julian Laabs and Martin Hinz / Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Univ. Bern


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Recent advances in disciplines like computer and environmental sciences as well as the availability and processability of (openly shared) big data have triggered fundamental changes in research over the last decades. It has also expanded the toolbox of archaeological methods. While traditional methods remain important and continue to be used to investigate past human societies over time and space, novel quantitative approaches are rapidly gaining momentum.


The three main sessions will deal with the topics...

  • quantitative approaches in spatial and non-spatial archaeological case studies.
  • data mining and new techniques of supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition in archaeological and environmental datasets.
  • applications and approaches to socioecological modelling on different scales and temporal resolutions.

Keynotes speakers

Juan A. Barceló; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Michael Barton; Arizona State University
Mikhail Kanevski; University of Lausanne
Oliver Nakoinz; University of Kiel

R workshop or Field trip

On the third day of the colloquium, 6th February 2019, participants will have the opportunity to join a R workshop. They will work on real archaeological data and learn the application of advanced machine learning techniques. Furthermore there will be a possibility to discuss own data within the workshop.
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Alternatively, there is the option of joining a field trip to Lake Biel and Lake Neuchâtel.
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Call for papers and registration

Deadline for abstract submission: 25th November 2018
Deadline for registration: 1st January 2019

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