Past Conferences

5th Workshop on European Storms


Bern Panorama

A major source of natural hazards, mid-latitude storms have devastating socio-economic impacts. Yet the processes involved in their intensification and generation of disastrous impacts such as flooding are not fully understood. Also, the behaviour of mid-latitude storms and extreme events under changing climate conditions is highly debated. Thus, predictability of such events is a key research topic.

Scope of the conference

Over the past 15 years, severe storms hit Europe with substantial economic damage. Lothar and Martin (1999), Kyrill (2007), and Xynthia (2010) are the unforgotten names of storms that caused extensive and expensive damage.

Therefore, the aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists from dynamical meteorology and climatology as well as stakeholders from the insurance and engineering industries so that they can share recent research ideas.

The workshop is a continuation of a series of European storm workshops which started in 2011. It is a unique opportunity to combine the strong Swiss research in this field with international research activity and the experience of insurance experts and engineering consultants, both strong pillars of the Swiss economy.

The workshop further facilitates the cooperation between science and industry and will help in the design of end-to-end projects, i.e., from scientific understanding to implementation in practice.

Format and sessions

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • Climate variability and change of storms
  • Synoptic- and meso-scale dynamics
  • Impacts of mid-latitude storms
  • Insurance applications: risk assessment and quantification
  • Predictability of extreme events