19 -21 April 2017, University of Bern, Switzerland

In several regions of Europe, including Switzerland, south-west Germany and Austria, hail damage has increased substantially in recent years with the consequence that hail is now one of the major atmospheric risks. The Mobiliar Lab, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), MeteoSwiss, and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR) are jointly organising a second workshop for researchers and professionals to discuss different aspects of hail.

Scope of the conference

Despite the large damage potential, there is a substantial lack of knowledge about hail climatology and risk, hail forecasting, cloud microphysics, and the relationship between hail probability and climate change. This workshop will bring together researchers studying different aspects of hail and representatives from insurance, business, and agriculture.

Format and Sessions

We invite contributions covering the key themes listed below. In addition, there will be ample time for contributed talks and poster sessions. Thematic sessions will address issues including:

  • Convection and hail in a changing climate
  • The microphysics and dynamics of hail storms
  • Hail damage and hail damage prevention
  • Local probabilities and long-term statistics of hail
  • Nowcasting and forecasting of hail