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Climate Summer School 2020

The theme of the Swiss Climate Summer School 2020 is "Extreme weather and climate: from atmospheric processes to impacts on ecosystems and society place". The Summer School takes place on 23 - 28 August in Grindelwald, Switzerland and is open to young researchers (PhD and Postdoc) from all fields of climate research.
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Christian Pfister, a historian crossing across borders

18 February 2019

The well known German climate scientist Hans von Storch has conducted a series of interviews with impressive scientific personalities, mostly from climate science, oceanography and meteorology. He now teamed up with Heinz Wanner, the founding president of the OCCR to interview the climate historian and OCCR member Christian Pfister. This conversation is a tribute to the the ground-breaking work Christian Pfister has done in connecting climate history with quantitative climate science.

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Excellent master students

13 February 2019

Anna Kulakovskaya and Thomas Rölli who were the top climate master’s students last year have been awarded the 2018 Oeschger Young Scientist’s Prize. In an interview, they talked about their reasons for doing a master’s degree in climate sciences. “What mattered most to me was the multidisciplinary approach”, Thomas Rölli said. Anna Kulakovskaya was particularly impressed by the attitude of the professors towards their students.
“I really felt I was taken seriously.”

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