Titleimage: Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR)

Emerging climate risks

Compound weather and climate events constitute some of the largest climate risks. This is because if processes that cause flooding, wildfires, heatwaves and droughts interact with each other, impacts might amplify. What types of risks are posed by compound events and how they impact society and economy is being studied intensively – also at the Oeschger Centre. In a recent publication in the scientific journal “Nature Reviews Earth & Environment” OCCR researchers discuss how a warmer climate may lead to new, so far unexperienced, extreme weather events.

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Excellent master students

10 February 2020

Markus Grimmer and Louis Frey who were the top climate master’s students last year have been awarded the 2019 Oeschger Young Scientist’s Prize. In an interview, they talked about their reasons for doing a master’s degree in climate sciences. “It was only when I started attending lectures in climate and environmental history that I realized that my interests inb physics and history could be combined in a climate master's degree”, Markus Grimmer said. Louis Frey chose the Graduate School of Climate Sciences in Bern "because of the huge selection of courses" and because he could start studying immediately.

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