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A collective reminder for forgetful Switzerland

Every seventh building in Switzerland is at risk of flooding, and four out of five Swiss communities have been affected by floods within the past 40 years. At the OCCR, the Mobiliar Lab for Natural Risks aims to better inform authorities and the public about the risks associated with flooding. For this reason, it’s creating an interactive online database of images illustrating floods: the “Collective Flood Memory”.
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Hubertus Fischer awarded Hans Oeschger Medal

27 October 2017

Hubertus Fischer of the OCCR group Past Climate and Biogeochemical Studies on Ice Cores has been awarded the Hans Oeschger Medal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). This medal has been established in recognition of the scientific work of Hans Oeschger. It is reserved for scientists for their outstanding achievements in ice research and/or short term climatic changes. With its awards, the EGU recognises every year eminent scientists in the earth, planetary and space sciences, and identifies the awardees as role models for the next generation of early career scientists.


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