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Oeschger Centre

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Welcome to the Oeschger Centre!

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The Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research is the centre of excellence for climate research of the University of Bern. It focuses on interdisciplinary research in the fields of natural, human and social sciences as well as economics and law.
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The Oeschger Centre does not only conduct research of high international standard, but also runs the Graduate School of Climate Sciences offering a specialised, internationally oriented Master's and Ph.D. programme in climate sciences.
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Albert Hafner

How an archaeologist learned to love climate research

For twenty years Albert Hafner was involved in archaeological digs under water and in bogs and ice. In his second career as professor of archaeology what attracts him most is research - and for this he is more than happy to team up with climate experts.
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Seminar Series

Processes controlling the deuterium excess of atmospheric moisture and precipitation on hourly to seasonal time scales
Dr. Stephan Pfahl, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zürich
30 Mar 2015, 16:15
Venue: KUP

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Bicentenary of the great Tambora eruption
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5th Workshop on European Storms
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10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference
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