Application Guidelines (FAQ)

1 – 6 September 2024, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grants and participation fee

Participation in the Swiss Climate Summer School is liable to the registration fee (1350 CHF). The registration fee includes half board accommodation, excursion and teaching material. Travel to and from Grindelwald are not included in the registration fee. There might be some partial travel stipends for participants from the US and Canada through Think Swiss.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible for participation in the Swiss Climate Summer Schools are young researchers, i.e. persons being in a Ph.D. programme or doing a postdoc typically in their first, second or third year. Not eligible are Master students, senior postdocs, researchers holding a permanent research position and persons from outside academia. Participation as a hearer in the Swiss Climate Summer School (i.e. without presenting a poster) is not possible.

Usually we have significantly more applications than places in the Swiss Climate Summer School. Please understand that, for this reason, some applicants must be rejected, even if they have their own funding. The competitive selection of participants is based on their CV, publication record, and research topic related to the Summer School themes.

Visa and invitation letters

Once an applicant is selected for participation and has paid the registration fee, a personal invitation letter can be issued on request. It is in the participant's responsibility to organise a visa for Switzerland.

Certificate of Participation

All participants get a certificate of participation at the end of the Summer School. A total of 3 ECTS credits are given for the Swiss Climate Summer School.

Applications from the Oeschger Centre and the Graduate School Climate Sciences

Special regulations apply for members of the Graduate School of Climate Sciences (GSCS), University of Bern: Participation in the Swiss Climate Summer School is free of charge (covered by the Graduate School), but travel expenses from and to Grindelwald are reimbursed through the research group the participant is affiliated to. For members of the OCCR who are not part of the GSCS, registration fees need to be covered through the individual research groups.

Typically half of the available 70 places (i.e. 35) are reserved for OCCR and C2SM participants.

OCCR applications: first priority have PhD students of the Graduate School of Climate Sciences, second priority OCCR postdocs, third priority OCCR PhD students who are not in the Graduate School. If places are available, PhD students of the Graduate School and OCCR postdocs may participate several times.