1st Swiss Social Science Energy Workshop

30 June / 1 July 2022, Martigny/Lac des Toules, Switzerland



The energy transition represents a major technical challenge but energy systems are also embedded in society, markets, and political systems. People shape energy markets with their consumption and production behaviour. As residents and citizens, they participate in - or are excluded from - decisions on national energy laws as well as on the deployment of concrete infrastructure. House owners may want to install solar PV or thermal heat pumps and encounter bureaucratic and technical hurdles on the way. Political decision makers, investors and scientists try to moderate these conflicts while aiming for different ultimate goals.

Hence, there is a need for inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on energy transitions, systems, and infrastructure. We need to synthesize information from different social science and humanities (SSH) disciplines and research questions to prepare for the future. Our goal is to bring together scholars from all disciplinary subfields of SSH and to enable a vivid academic discussion among and increased interconnectedness between SSH energy researchers in Switzerland.

Call for Workshop Participation

Link to the workshop application: https://unibe.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d43Ok6n2EolyRNQ.
Please submit your application by May 21. We will notify participants by May 24.

Organization Committee:

Dr. Gracia Brückmann (UniBE)
Jonas Schmid (UniBE)
Rebeka Sträter (UniBE)

2nd Workshop

The second workshop is scheduled September 15/16 and will be announced in due course. Contact Gracia if you want to participate in the organizational committee for the second workshop.

Workshop is supported by: