ContaSed 2021 (2020 CoV postponed)

2nd International Conference on Contaminated Sediments

9 – 11/12 June 2021, University of Bern, Switzerland

ContaSed2021: online conference

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Scope of ContaSed2021

Sediments are sources and sinks of contaminants, and play an important role in mediating pollutants across compartments of ecosystems. Following ContaSed2015, ContaSed2021 will focus on organic and inorganic sediment contaminant classes including microplastics, emerging contaminants, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants. Contributions dealing with empirical or modelling studies are invited to the following Sessions:

Topic 1: From source to sink: transport and deposition of contaminants in sediments

Location of pollution sources, transport dynamics, and temporal and spatial distribution trends of naturally occurring and synthetic substances. Monitoring data from different aquatic settings under multiple stressors derived from anthropogenic activities. Target and non-target analysis in surface sediments and/or sediment cores.

Topic 2: Assessing risks of contaminants in sediments: methodologies and ecotoxicological case studies

Methods for assessing environmental and human risk, chemical proxies for bioavailability, good practices and lessons learned from case studies on the effects and risk assessment of contaminated sediments.

Topic 3: Analytical tools and methods for assessing sediment contamination

New analytical techniques and robust data processing to assess sediment contamination, prioritize relevant contaminants and identify challenging compounds.

Topic 4: Fate of contaminants in depositional settings

Processes, sorption, transport and deposition of sediment-bounded chemicals. Chemicals persistence/degradation in the sedimentary column.

Topic 5: Sediments as archives of historical pollution

Time series and/or spatial distribution of contaminated sediments to reconstruct anthropogenic changes over time.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration will be free of charge (online conference). The post-conference excursion on Thursday 12 June 2021 will not take place.


Deadline for abstract submission: 28 February 2021 (extended)
Notification for acceptance of papers/form of presentation: 10 March 2021
Deadline for registration: 15 May 2021

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