Work Packages

The Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research is an interdisciplinary centre at the University of Bern. It comprises two dozen research groups, is run by a management centre and led by a scientific board. All research and education follows an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. In research the Oeschger Centre destinguishers itself with four clearly definded focus areas:

  • Global climate dynamics and diagnostics
  • Regional climate dynamics: Europe and the Alps
  • Climate risks and natural disasters
  • Economic and social dimensions of climate change

The Oeschger Centre manages the Graduate School of Climate Sciences at the University of Bern. Both Bologna-compatible courses "MSc in Climate Sciences" and "PhD in Climate Sciences" are international in outlook and allow students to specialise in a number of subject areas. The Oeschger Centre conducts public relations and outreach work and participates in dialogue with policymakers, thus contributing to forward-looking, sustainable and knowledge-based decision-making. An example is the Professorship in the Effects of Climate Change in Alpine Areas, financed by the Swiss insurance company Mobiliar.