The Oeschger Centre supports and provides funding for selected high-profile conferences and workshops in order to (i) support Oeschger Centre researchers as organizers of such activities and (ii) to enhance the profile and visibility of the Oeschger Centre and the University of Bern.

Guidelines and Criteria

  • The conference theme is relevant to the Oeschger Centre.
  • The venue is typically at or around Bern and organized by one or several Oeschger Centre researchers. Matching funds are expected.
  • Organizers must be able to demonstrate the positive impact on the Oeschger Centre (high scientific profile, visibility, corporate identity, products).
  • In special cases, the Oeschger Centre may act as a co-sponsor of conferences elsewhere (the Oeschger Centre does not sponsor sessions at large conferences).
  • The scientific board of the Oeschger Centre decides.
  • Available is a maximum of 30,000 CHF per annum. The money will be transferred in the form of Betriebskredit (for a specific year) and falls under the specific regulations of the University of Bern (i.e. travels, hotels, but not aperitifs).
  • Eligible are conferences to be held in the next one or two years. Please apply as early as possible!

Deadline for applications: 15 January and 15 August

Application form

In addition, support for scientific meetings and for exploratory workshops from the Swiss National Science Foundation is available: