Post-Conference Excursions (full day), Wednesday, June 9th

Excursion 1:    Lateglacial and Holocene Palaeoecology and Archaeology of the Swiss Plateau

Guides: Erika Gobet together with Fabian Rey
Topics: Holocene vegetation dynamics and human impact
Sites to be visited: Moossee, Burgäschisee
Cost: 90 CHF (including lunch)


Excursion 2:    Lateglacial and Holocene in the northern Alps (3 h hike!)

Guides: W. Tinner, together with C. Schwörer
Topics: Holocene climate and land-use with regard to treeline and timberline dynamics, past and future vegetation dynamics
Sites to be visited: Schynige Platte, Sägistalsee
Cost: 150 CHF (including lunch package)