New Tambora brochure launched

30 May 2016

Members of the Oeschger Centre, in a common effort, have published an new brochure on the 1815 Tambora eruption an its consequences for climate an society.

The 1815 Tambora eruption devastated the island of Sumbawa, led to a global cooling and contributed to the last famine in Switzerland. The publication "Tambora and the 'Year Without a Summer' of 1816. A Perspective on Earth and Human Systems Science" was edited by the climatologist Stefan Brönnimann and the historian Daniel Krämer and published by Oeschger Centre fand the commission for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics of the SCNAT. It  provides a synthesis of this event. It can be downloaded free of charge, a printed version can be ordered at a price of CHF 5.- (plus shipping).

Brönnimann S, Krämer D. 2016. Tambora and the “Year Without a Summer” of 1816. A Perspective on Earth and Human Systems Science. Geographica Bernensia G90, 48 pp., doi:10.4480/GB2016.G90.01.