Oeschger Centre for ​Climate Change Research (OCCR)

Early Instrumental Meteorological Series


18-21 June 2018, University of Bern, Switzerland

Invited speakers include: Rob Allan (UK), Mariano Barriendos (ESP), Rudolf Brazdil (CR),  Yuri Brugnara (CH), Pablo Canziani (ARG), Barbara Chimani (A), Stefan Grab (SA), Heli Huthamaa (NL), Phil Jones (UK), Andrew Lorrey (NZ), Jürg Luterbacher (GER), Franz Mauelshagen (GER), Sharon Nicholson (USA), Øyvind Nordli (NOR), Kathleen Prybil (UK), Rajmund Przybylak (POL), Victoria Slonosky (CAN), Antonia Valente (POR)

18 June
09.00 Registration, Poster
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Welcome and Introduction
10.45 Overview talks
12.15 Lunch
14.00-17.30 Contributions on Europe
17.30 Discussion: Europe
18.00 Icebreaker

19 June
09.00-12.30 Contributions on Europe (cont.)
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Contributions on Africa
14.30 Poster Session
16.00-17.30 Contributions on Americas, Asia, Australia
17.30 Discussion on Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia
18.30 Conference Dinner

20 June
09.00-17.00 Split into regional groups, work in groups (compile inventory, organise paper)
17.00-18.00 Short reports from working groups

21 June
09.00-11.00 Continued work in regional groups
11.00-14.00 Presentation of working groups summary, discussion, organisation of work
14.00 Closure