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Seminarreihe des Oeschger-Zentrums

Bevorstehende Vorträge

Clustering and stalling of extratropical cyclones: their influence on extreme precipitation events in the UK
Prof. Sue Gray (University of Reading, UK)
22. Apr. 2015, 14:15. Ort: GIUB

Atlantic overturning, Southern Ocean winds and Pacific upwelling: Models vs. theory
Dr. Markus Jochum, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
27. Apr. 2015, 16:15. Ort: KUP

Where to extract a 1.5 million years ice core? The example of collaborative data-modelling studies for a quest in the vicinity of Concordia, East Antarctica
Dr. Catherine Ritz, Laboratoire du Glaciologie et du Géophysique de l'Environnement, Grenoble
4. Mai 2015, 16:15. Ort: KUP

The Global Climate Observing System - Why climate observations need to be globally coordinated?
Dr. Carolin Richter (GCOS-WMO)
6. Mai 2015, 14:15. Ort: GIUB

Global-scale interactions between climate and vegetation cover
Dr. Victor Brovkin, Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg
11. Mai 2015, 16:15. Ort: KUP

Atmospheric circulation as a source of uncertainty in climate change projections
Prof. Ted Shepherd (University of Reading, UK)
13. Mai 2015, 14:15. Ort: GIUB

The dynamics of passing climate change legislation
Prof. Sam Fankhauser, London School of Economics and Political Science, London
18. Mai 2015, 16:15. Ort: KUP

Landscape dynamics and paleoclimate from glacial periods to the Anthropocene
Prof. Heinz Veit (GIUB)
20. Mai 2015, 14:15. Ort: GIUB

The role of the large-scale atmospheric circulation in triggering high impact weather and forecast uncertainty in the midlatitudes
Dr. Christian Grams (ETH Zurich)
27. Mai 2015, 14:15. Ort: GIUB

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