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Climate and beyond

Knowledge Production about Planet Earth and the Global Environment as Indicators of Social Change

January 23rd – 25th, 2013, University of Bern


University of Bern, Main Building
Room 120, First Floor
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Bern


January 23rd, 2013
14:00Opening: Fortunat Joos (Oeschger Centre, Univ. Bern, CH)
Introduction: Christian Rohr (Univ. Bern, CH) and Andrea Westermann (Univ. Zurich, CH)
Session 1Coping with Tectonic and Climatic Hazards
Chair: Stefan Brönnimann (Univ. Bern, CH)
14:20Erhard Oeser (Univ. Vienna, AT):
The Development of the Wave Theory and its Application to Earthquakes. The Paradigm Shift at the end of the 19th century
14:55Kerry Smith (Brown Univ., Providence, USA):
Making Disasters Natural: Seismology and Prediction Regimes in Modern Japan (PDF, 29 KB)
15:30Conevery Bolton Valencius (Univ. Massachusetts, Boston, USA):
Fracking and Seismic History in the Contemporary United States (PDF, 42 KB)
16:05Coffee break
16:20Brian Rumsey (Univ. Kansas, Lawrence, USA):
The Application of Methods of Probability to the Prediction of Floods in the USA (late 19th c. to the 1970s) (PDF, 8 KB)
16:55End of Session 1
19:00Public keynote lecture and Apéro (Aula, Main Building, Univ. Bern)
Naomi Oreskes (Univ. California, San Diego, USA): When Knowledge is not Power: Science, Technology and the Environment in the 21st Century
January 24th, 2013
Session 2Global Resources and Knowledge Production
Chair: Gunter Stephan (Univ. Bern, CH)
09:00Andrea Westermann (Univ. Zurich, CH):
Supplying the 20th century: How a steady flow of industrial raw materials was developed and how geologists helped create it (PDF, 8 KB)
09:35Perrin Selcer (Univ. Texas, Austin, USA):
Fabricating Unity: The FAO-UNESCO Soil Map of the World (PDF, 10 KB)
10:10Christian Kehrt (Helmut Schmidt Univ., Hamburg, DE):
Gondwana's Promises. German Geologists in Antarctica between Basic Science and Resource Exploration in the Late 1970s (PDF, 14 KB)
10:45Coffee break
Session 3Arctic Research: Scientific, Economic and Social impact
Chair: Christian Pfister (Univ. Bern, CH)
11:00Ronald E. Doel (Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, USA):
What Really Mattered in the Arctic? Military Patronage and the Pursuit of Environmental Knowledge during the Early Cold War (PDF, 45 KB)
Lecture of Matthias Heymann (Aarhus Univ., DK):
Investigating Arctic Environments: The Role of Greenland in the Early Cold War (PDF, 10 KB) given by Ronald E. Doel
12:00Anna Carlsson-Hyslop (Lancaster Univ., UK):
Knowledge Production about Coastal Flooding in Britain, 1919–1959: How and why (PDF, 53 KB)
cancelledAlexandra M. Avdonina (Vladimir, RUS):
Social Transformation in the Russian Far North in Connection with Discoveries in Geosciences (PDF, 10 KB)
Session 4Earth and Climate Governance
Chair: Joachim Radkau (Univ. Bielefeld, DE)
14:15Naomi Oreskes (Univ. California, San Diego, USA):
How the Earth Sciences Became a Social Science (and Why It Matters)
14:50Ola Uhrqvist (Linköping Univ., SE):
Mentalities enabling Earth System modelling in GAIM and AIMES (PDF, 13 KB)
15:25Elena Aronova (MPI for History of Science, Berlin, DE):
Knowledge of the Globe and Global Politics: The "Global Network for Environmental Monitoring" Project in the 1960s–1970s (PDF, 28 KB)
16:00Coffee break
Chair: Monika Gisler (ETH Zurich, CH)
16:15Matthias Dörries (Univ. Strasbourg, FR):
Politics, deep time, and the future (PDF, 10 KB)
16:50Christoph Rosol (MPI for History of Science, Berlin, D):
Extremely Noisy and Incredibly Close. Reconstructing Deep-time Climate Change as a Means to Define the Present (PDF, 8 KB)
17:30End of Session 4
19:30 hConference Dinner (Hotel Kreuz)
January 25th, 2013
Session 5Empires, European Experts and the Sciences of the Earth
Chair: Iris Schröder (TU Braunschweig, DE)
09:00Ryan Tucker Jones (Idaho State Univ., Pocatello, USA):
Empire and Revolution in Peter Simon Pallas's Betrachtungen über die Beschaffenheit der Gebürge (PDF, 10 KB)
09:35Lorena B. Valderrama (Univ. Valencia, ES):
European Experts, Earthquake Knowledge Transfer and the Institutionalization of Seismology. The Case of Chile (PDF, 10 KB)
10:10Coffee break
10:25Bernhard C. Schär (ETH Zurich, CH):
Earth Scientists as Time Travellers and Agents of Social Change in the Colonial Era: An Example from Basel (PDF, 12 KB)
11:00Philipp N. Lehmann (Havard Univ., Cambridge, USA):
The Threat of the Desert: Debates on Climate Change in the Late Nineteenth Century (PDF, 61 KB)
11:35Christian Rohr (Univ. Bern, CH): Synthesis
12:05Final discussion
13:00Snack buffet
14:30City of Bern guided tour
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